Rosé of Pinot Noir &
Méthode Champenoise Sparkling

There is no hurrying quality. From beginning to end, thoughtful detail & planning must be carried out to ensure the very best.
— Laura Roach

For this reason, Loubud’s wines are made with careful consideration and respect for the fruit and vineyard. Sourced from a cool, western-most vineyard within Santa Barbara County, the Pinot noir fruit is expressive of its location. The sandy loam soil of the Cebada Vineyard and Pacific coastal marine layer influence the structure and flavors of the fruit. It seems as if the ocean’s salinity is translocated through the vine into the fruit. A constant flux of temperature surrounds the fruit; cool mornings and evenings sandwich warm afternoons, blanketing the valley with a thick, cool marine layer. Ripening under this daily warm sun over a lengthened growing season, the Pinot develops slowly and beautifully.

Loubud Rosé of Pinot Noir is a Direct-to-Press (DTP) rosé, in that upon handpicking, the fruit goes directly to press for extraction of a blush, elegant juice. The rosé, having minimal skin contact during pressing, is light in color and delicate.

Crafted in the traditional Champagne method, the Loubud Blanc de Noirs is a Méthode Champenoise sparkling, featuring in-the-bottle fermentation and ageing. Through years of bottle ageing our sparkling developes those highly valued, tiny bubbles, rich, yeasty textures and caramelized aromatics that are so sought out.